Grade 5 Stop Action Commercials

Grade 5 Stop Action Ancient Greece Commercials

Plan B Skateboards – Thomas, Fernando, Rishabh

Hollister Sundress – Jennifer, Alice, Samantha Y.

Dove Soap – James, Edwin, Lucas

Mary Kay – Kristine, Samantha L, Cindy K

Tom Tom GPS – Tom, Amir, William

Beyblades – Jonathan, Edward K., Neville

LipSmacker – Kayla, Amarah, Ellen, Alice

M.A.N. Super Vacuum – Amy, Marcus, Navid

Gatorade – Brian, Jason L., Jason C.

2 thoughts on “Grade 5 Stop Action Commercials

  1. These projects bring back fond memories…I wish I could see Mckee again,now that I’m in Cummer

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