Grade 4 and Grade 5 Morning Show

Shine TV
David, Sakura, Lucas



The Morning Apple Show
Ana, Wan Ning, Cindy

Good Morning McKee
Naymul, Shayan, Kitty

Coffee Cup TV
Seungmin, Daniel, Kevin, Marwan

Wake Up Canada
Neville, Daniel, Thomas

Mr. Morning Show
Tony, Elenora, Dennis, Paige

Good Morning Toronto
Stella, David, Shiori

Morning News TV
Jason W, JasonZ, Edward Z. Brian

Good Morning Canada
Amrit and Elvis

James, Edwin, Peter William

Jacky, Jason, Taylen

Kasra, Aryo, Poorshad

Toronto Morning Show
Connie, Alyna, Laleh

Good Morning Toronto
William, Ankush, Nadiv

Morning Television with McKee
Wendy, Anna, Rui

Good Morning Canada
Mozhan, Aneza, Roshan, Rojin

Sweet Sunrise Morning Show
Hourieh, Kayla, Ellen, Ye Eun, Vicky

Good Morning News Show
Taksala, Alina, Akane

Sunny TV
Elena, Cynthia, Gloria

Morning Sun TV
Edward K, Amir, Homayoun

Eggs and Bacon TV Show
Niki, Kimia, Jocelyne

Nicole, Min Ju, Vicky, Samatha – GMC

MTKG Morning Show
Michael, Tom, Gordon, Kristie

4 thoughts on “Grade 4 and Grade 5 Morning Show

  1. well, i made this morning show so i am happy about it. I made good morning toronto.

  2. Hi, Mr.Priolo! I am Alina! Can You say “Hello” to everyone!

    I am in Kazakhstan already! Now in Kazakhstan, it’s

    9:04 am.

    there’s very hot!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)!!!!!!!!!

  3. Hey Guys! The videos were AWESOME! I recently have time to revisit the school’s website to check out what me and my classmates and friends have created.

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