Grade 4 and 5 Create a School Website

Students were asked to design a website for their very own school. The website should promote the school in a positive manner, be informative, easy to navigate and reflect the appropriate target audiences.

seungmin logo Seungmin’s Sports School

cooking logo Ana’s Cooking School

paige logo Paige’s Horseback Riding School

kcs2Naymul’s Karate School

kitty logo Kitty’s Pencil School of Writing

wan ning Wan Ning’a Art School

ojas Ojas Racing School

ellen Ellen Dance and Clothes School

daniel Daniel’s Fencing School

poorshad Poorshad’s School of Tennis

james James’ St. Awesome’s School of Media

kayla Kayla’s Gymnastics School

ye eun Ye Eun’s Easy Art

4611521 Elvis’ Magic School

stella Stella’s Colourful Art School

lucas Lucas’ Sports School

marwan Marwan’s Soccer School

kasraKasra’s Ice Hockey School

edwinEdwin’s Sport School

peter Peter’s Sport School

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