Grade 3 and 4 TV Show

Students were asked to create a TV Show Information Poster. Main character biographies, setting description, target audience, and show summary were included to provide an overview of the students’ favourite show. Students then created a new character to appear on an upcoming episode they will be writing.

Amarah jonas       amarah maddisonn-0_1    amarah Episode storyweb-0_1 Amarah

bUGS BUNNY ARIA  ARIANew Character Web aria2-0_1   Episode storyweb aria-0_1    Aria easybook_1       Aria easybook_2      Aria easybook_3      Aria easybook_4    Aria

jason Spongebob  jason fishman3-0_1Jasonman 1-0_1      jason ntitled_1  jason Untitled_2  jason Untitled_3  jasonUntitled_4  jasonUntitled_5    Jason 

shrimad bakugan     shrimad New Character Web-0_1   Episode storyweb shrimad-0_1       shirmad Easybook_1       Shirmad Easybook_2      Shirmad Esaybook_3      Shirmad Easybook_4    Shirmad Easybook_5        Shrimad

ata sponge       ata New Character Web-0_1    ata job at the krusty krabs-0_1 Ata

josh pokemon     joshua infinator-0_1    Episode storyweb joshua-0_1  Joshua 

ronen naruto     M.R Ronen panda-0_1 ronrn Panda Treasure-0_1 Ronen 

jonas TMNT1       jonas spongebob-0_1    Jonas

joyce naruto   New Character Web joyce-0_1         Episode storyweb joyce-0_1       Joyce

spongebob spencer    spencer New Character Web-0_1   Episode storyweb spencer-0_1 Spencer

stephanie sweetlife      stephanie New Character Web stephanie-0_1   stephanie Episode storyweb-0_1  stephanie easybook_1 stephanie easybook_2 stephanie easybook_3 stephanie easybook_4   stephanie easybook_5   Stephanie

jessica icarly     jessica New Character Web-0_1      Episode storyweb jessica-0_1  Jessica

jonathan odd parents      jonathan New Character Web-0_1     episode show Jonathan-0_1   Untitled_1  Untitled_2  Untitled_3  Untitled_4  Untitled_5     Jonathan

Olga franklin  olga New Character Web-0_1  Episode storyweb olga-0_1  Olga

pretty cure hannah   New Character Web hannah-0_1  Episode storyweb hannah-0_1 Hannah

vanathi sponebob   vanathi octopus   Episode storyweb vanathi-0_1  Vanathi

alec storm hawks    alec bobat  Alec,Bobat story-0_1 Alec

yuna penguins               New Character Web yuna-0_1       Yuna

brandon pokemon Brandon

kiavash spongebob1     kiavash speedy-0_1   Episode storyweb kiavash-0_1 Kiavash

ronak tv show               New Character Web ronak-0_1     Episode storyweb ronak-0_1               Ronak

siraz pheas aferb   shirazNew Character Web-0_1  shiraz Episode storyweb-0_1 Shiraz

yeong ho Page_1      new caharcter yeong ho Yeong Ho

tvshow vyomaNew Character Web vyoma-0_1  Episode storyweb vyoma-0_1 Vyoma

syed spongebob tv1shark New Character Web syed-0_1   Episode storyweb syed-0_1 Syed

isaac bombomb-0_1 Isaac

Cindy  Cindynew character-0_1  Episode storyweb cindy-0_1 Cindy

drakejosh rose1          Episode storyweb rose-0_1       Rose

tv show matthewPage_1        matthewspongebob-0_1             Episode storyweb matthew-0_1       Matthew

Amarah jonas       amarah maddisonn-0_1    amarah Episode storyweb-0_1 Amarah

bUGS BUNNY ARIA  ARIANew Character Web aria2-0_1   Episode storyweb aria-0_1 Aria

jason Spongebob  jason fishman3-0_1Jasonman 1-0_1     jason ntitled_1     jason Untitled_2      jason Untitled_3      jasonUntitled_4     jasonUntitled_5        Jason 

kyle tv show        kyle new character web-0_1           Kyle

victor jake 2-0_1  Victor Episode storyweb-0_1  Victor

sama               sama Episode storyweb-0_1    Sama

alexandra wizards       alexandra New Character Web-0_1     Alexandra

hae yong sponge episode-0_1 Hae Young

karina Episode storyweb-0_1 Karina

steven Nightrider.jpg-0_1            stevenEpisode storyweb-0_1        Steven

ken New Character Web-0_1          Episode storyweb ken-0_1   Ken