Grade 3 Video Game Covers

connor-video-game wesley-video-game-cover diya-video-game shadab-Video-Game-Cover MOSTAFAS-BATTLES-mostafa Video-Game-Coverrachel Video-Game-Cover-nicholas Video-Game-Covertyson2

Video-Game-Cover-tommy Video-Game-Cover-howie Video-Game-Cover-harikesan Video-Game-Cover-adham-h Video-Game-Cover-david-z Video-Game-Cover-IRENE Video-Game-Cover-emma Video-Game-Cover-ankitha Video-Game-scaelette-2 Video-Game-Cover-vinh Video-Game-Cover-neferty Video-Game-Cover-fiona ethan-video-game-cover Video-Game-Cover-ethan

One thought on “Grade 3 Video Game Covers

  1. Hi,
    I’m so amazed by your website and what the kids have accomplished!
    What program did you get the kids use to make the video game covers and how did you get their picture on there ?



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