Grade 3 Environmental Photostories

The Grade 3 students visited CBC’s One Million Acts of Green website ( They selected one “Act of Green” they believed was important.  The students brainstormed ideas of possible story lines they could use to teach people about their “Act of Green”. They created a storyboard and used pipecleaners and construction paper to create the pictures in the storyboard. The students took photos of their artwork using a digital camera. They used Photostory 3 to add voice over, music, transitions and photo effects. Their Environmental Photostory was converted to a movie file and uploaded for all.

Kevin and Aymen

Melody, Michelle and Kimia

Behrad and Edward

Ryan Omar

Nicole and Amarah

Vicky and Emily

Poorshad and Niki

Songyan and Shayan

Shiraz and Vanathi

Mershad, Kasra, and Ali

Jessica and Connie

Seungmin Naymul

Lucas and Sepehr

Edwin and Jonathan C.

Grace and Stephanie

Jason W. and Jonathan W.

Jason Y & Sean L & Tom T

Len and Brian

Cindy K. and Cindy L.


Thomas and Eshan

Yeong ho and Aditiya

Yuha & Alyna & Haya

Kitty & Cynthia

Ellen and Yalda

Christopher and Steven

Elvis and Edward

Vicky and Hannah

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