Grade 2 Movie Comics

Students planned out their very own comic using a storyboard. They created all of their images using KidPix 4 and saved them as JPEGS. Students then imported their pictures into Comic Life and added titles, captions and headings. Students used Audacity to record their voice.

Grade 2 Classes 2010 -2011

adi comic1 Adi

alex_1 Alex

amir comic1 Amir

amy comic22 Amy

anoosh comic_1 Anoosha

anthea 2 Anthea

Arman comic Arman

arthur comic Arthur

bill comic_1 Bill

cassandra comic1 Cassandra

cami12 Cami

christain Christain

christina comic Christina

cindy comic1 Cindy

darren comic1 Darren

david David

emma comic Emma

ethan comic1 Ethan

farzad comic1 Farzad

hasti comic Hasti

hikaru comic Hikaru


john John

joon21 Joon

josh comic1 Joshua

katie Katie

kenny Page_1 Kenny


LIN Comic 1 Lin

luis comic1 Luis

michael 22 Michael

patricia comic2_1 Patricia

raham comic Roham

ryan comic Ryan

sam comic1 Sam

sepehr comic1 Sepehr


sharmin2221 Sharmin

shelley comic Shelley

sourosh Souroush

Stephanie 1 Stephanie

takato comic1 Takato

taleen_1 Taleen

veronika comic Veronika




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