Grade 1 and 2 Invention Projects

Grade 2 students were asked to design an invention that they thought would make life easier or better for certain people. The students created a promotional KidPix 4 slideshow to showcase their invention. Their presentation included drawings, music, text, transitions and voice over. The “Invention Projects” contained a product picture, a draw and label diagram, target audience and celebrity pages, and TV commercial and an advertisement poster. The Kid Pix 4 slideshow was then exported into a Quicktime movie and uploaded to share with the world. Enjoy.

Jensen – Rocket Car

Chelsea – Soup Machine

Jonathan – Robot Snake

Robin – Teleporting Car

Rayton – Moving Bed

Varun – Super Flying DS

Ryan – Rocket Pack

Ryan- Jet Car

Elaine – Speedy Jet

Yash – Rocket Bike

Negah – Talking Cat

Mark – Rocket Car

Emily – Jetcar

Edward – Flying Car

Aisling – Flying Shoes

Anthony – Spyglasses

Aryan – Transforming Bike

Emily – Homework Desk

Ivy – Flying Bike

Lila – Flying Chair

Victor -Ghost Rider Action Figure

Luka- TheToy Jet

Athu – Coin Machine

Jeff – Speed Car

Jerry – Jet Bike

Qing Yang – Turbo Bike

Linyin – Flying Bike

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